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Registration Instructions:

Below are our registration forms. To print them out:

  1. Click on the link for each form. (The form will appear within your browser).

  2. Choose your <File> Menu, and select <Print>.

  3. Repeat steps one and two for each form.

Enrollment Form
(Our Application)

Quality Education Form

Student Record Release

Tuition Program

Please call 1-800-600-8342 with any questions you may have!

Dear Home Schooler,

Thank you for your interest in I-HERC Academy. We encourage you and your commitment to home education and believe that you, as a parent, desire to provide a quality education for your children. You are seeking the tools necessary to build character and to guide them to educational success.

We are here to serve you and to meet your educational needs with a complete home school support program. With I-HERC Academy, you are not alone in your educational efforts. Our services provide the educational tools and proper academic guidance for home school families. Our individualized, mastery-based curriculum minimizes lesson plan preparation and frees you, the parent, to motivate your child to maximum academic achievement.

I-HERC Academy offers a wide range of courses, including a core curriculum in five subject areas and many additional electives and enrichment courses. Our curriculum is provided by School of Tomorrow, which utilizes the "packet of curriculum" or "PACE" as the basic unit of educational material. There are twelve PACEs in a subject for each grade level and each unit must be mastered before the student can advance to the next unit.

For your convenience, we have included all the required enrollment materials on this page. To enroll simply:

(1) Complete and sign the Application for Enrollment and the Quality Education Form. Use the Tuition Program Worksheet to assist you in determining the least expensive or most convenient way to make your payments.

(2) Send these forms to our office along with the family enrollment fee of $50.00 and $20.00 per child to be tested. (At this time, the Student Record Release should be sent to the school from which you are withdrawing your child. These records are needed in order to process your account.)

Upon our receipt of these forms:

(3) I-HERC Academy will send you the Student Diagnostic Tests, if needed.

(4) After you have administered each test to the child, send all testing materials to I-HERC Academy for scoring, academic analysis, and recommendations for course of study. At this time, also include the first tuition payment. I-HERC will then provide the necessary materials for you to begin home schooling your child.

If you have any questions concerning the program, please call our office at 1-800-600-8342, or email us at

I-HERC Academy

We appreciate your interest in "individualized education." Enroll your child in I-HERC Academy and get the benefit of our full range of services:

1. Diagnostic testing and academic analysis and counseling upon enrollment.

2. Complete Reading Readiness program for Preschool and a Learning-To-Read program for Kindergarten with loan/lease of four comprehensive procedural manuals.

3. Complete year of School of Tomorrow curriculum (12 PACEs per subject) in five subjects with loan of Score Keys, plus Literature Study Guides, where applicable, for levels 4 through 12.

4. Wide selection of classic literature books, resource and reference books, and videos available for purchase.

5. Many elective and enrichment subjects on all levels for purchase, including Bible Reading, Animal Science, Literature and Creative Writing, Health, Music, Missions, Christian Growth, and New Testament and Old Testament Survey.

6. Simple Procedures Guide for home schooling success with the School of Tomorrow curriculum and record-keeping materials.

7. Full parent training program on procedures and Christian education philosophy available for completion at home, upon request and for cost of materials. Certificate provided upon completion of work.

8. California Achievement Testing is available at the close of each school year upon request for a small additional fee.

9. Goal charts, Student Progress Chart, Master Record Sheet, and Student Progress Report Card to help parents properly motivate the student and inspire individualized, mastery-based learning.

10. Maintenance of the student's Permanent Academic Record and at the high school level, academic projections for graduation requirements.

11. A graduation diploma upon completion of all requirements.

12. Transcript service upon request.

13. Telephone consultation for academic or procedural record-keeping questions.

14. Choice of tuition payment plans (month, quarter, semester, or year). Major credit cards--Discover, Visa, Master Card, or American Express--accepted. Family discounts for more than one child.

If you do not choose to enroll in I-HERC Academy you may still want to take advantage of the opportunity to use the individualized School of Tomorrow curriculum. Call us for prices, or place an order on line and receive a special discount.