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  • PhysicsHomework is a physics homework help and tutorial site geared towards high school students.  Designed to supplement classroom and textbook learning, our lessons and interactive activities will act as a solid resource for students at anytime and from anywhere.  

  • Physics Lecture Demonstrations: On-line source of information and pictures used for preparing and performing undergraduate lecture demonstrations at the University of California Physics Department at Berkeley.

  • Physics Servers and Services Around the World: A service offering 'physics yellow pages', i.e. as complete collection of physics (and related) links inside the World Wide Web as possible. Searchable.

  • Physics Unbound: Table of contents of a physics textbook with links to other hypertext documents that form the pages of the book, which are contributed by the readership.

  • PhysicsEd: Physics Education Resources. Courses and hypertext documents, curriculum development, resources for demonstrations, software, physics projects, research in physics education, organizations, journals and newsletters, newsgroups and mailing lists, physics around the world, science reference.

  • Project PHYSLab: Physics laboratory experiments on such topics as acceleration, waves, motion, illumination, and more.

  • Quantum - The Magazine of Math and Science: A bimonthly magazine of math and science (primarily physics) published by the National Science Teachers Association.

  • Quantum Information Page: Papers on quantum computation, cryptography, etc.; quantum information on the Net.

  • Quantum Lie Algebras: A comprehensive, continuously updated bibliography of literature on Quantum Lie Algebras. Mathematica notebooks containing calculations and animations of quantum root systems are included.

  • Quantum Optics and Atom Optics links: Index: Research Groups (by country); Individual Researchers (in alphabetical order); Newsletters, papers, and preprints; Quantum Optics/Atom Optics informative articles; Organizations; Other Related Lists.

  • Queen's Univ., Belfast Dept. of Applied Math. & Theoretical Physics: Collaborative projects.

  • Scientific Computing & Automation: Technology for scientists and engineers.

  • Scientific Graphing Lesson: Details the Derivation of the Slope Intercept Formula; The Slope-Intercept Formula in Chemistry; Linear Relationships in Chemistry; Linear Relationships in Physics. Created by R.H. Logan.

  • Scientific Visualization Activities (NYU/ACF): Online science assignments.

  • The Space-Time Travel Machine: Astrophysics; Autostereograms; Celestial Mechanics; Deterministic Chaos; Fluid Mechanics; Fractal Geometry; Generalities on Visualization; Natural Phenomenon Synthesis; Quantum Mechanics;

  • Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Physics: Investigates some contemporary problems in Functional and Stochastic Analysis inspired by Physics.

  • Virtual COHO: Space Physics in VRML. 3-D scenes, which you need a VRML browser to view. If you don't have one, you can see some screen shots of how the VRML files look in WebSpace.

  • The Wavelet Tutorial: Designed as a guide to wavelet analysis for engineers, this well-written tutorial explains basics of signal processing with a focus on the technique of wavelet transformations (WT).

  • WebElements: The periodic table on the World Wide Web. It is a 30 megabyte collection of 5500 files about the periodic table.

  • Who's Who in Atomic/Plasma Physics: A database of people working in Atomic and Plasma Physics. Register yourself or use as service. Search by names or keywords, or browse entire database.

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