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Health Sciences

  • AECOM/MMC Epilepsy Home Page: From the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.

  • Alphabetical List of Diseases and Disorders: Find information on any disease in this site

  • Alternative Medical and Health Care Resources: Alphabetical listing of home pages, newsgroups, network, discussion groups and mailing lists.

  • Ask the Dietitian: You are invited to ask questions of general interest. If the question is appropriate, it will be answered and posted to a group.

  • Biomathematics at Marquette University: Information about the Biomathematics Program in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at Marquette University.

  • Cancer Information Center: From the National Cancer Institute. NCI online publications, CancerNet - the latest cancer information.

  • CELL's Alive See how white blood cells find bacterial invaders, compare the size of viruses and bacteria to various human cells, watch a video of penicillin doing its job, and more at this site devoted to bringing microbiological images to the Internet.

  • Conscious Choice: A bi-monthly Midwestern magazine that reports on environmental issues and natural alternatives in health care, food, and nutrition..

  • Cyberspace Hospital: An attempt to bring order to medical World Wide Webs by using a hospital setting - 'netsurf' to some of the best medical WWW servers in the world.

  • Down Syndrome Page: Information on Down Syndrome.

  • Health Education at SciEd: This health education page includes mental health info, health science guide, medical education page, Healthwise, history of medicine, pharmaceutical information network and related links.

  • Healthwise: From the Health Education and Wellness program of Columbia University Health Service.

  • The Heart: A Virtual Exploration: Explore the heart - discover the complexities of its development and structure; follow the blood through the blood vessels; wander through the weblike body systems.

  • History of Science, Technology, and Medicine: From the WWW Virtual Library (WWWVL), an searchable online service established to keep track of information facilities in the field of the history of science, technology and medicine.

  • HyperDOC: NLM History of Medicine Division: National Library of Medicine - Department of Health & Human Services (U.S.A.) Online Images from the History of Medicine (a searchable database of nearly 60,000 images from the prints and photographs collection).

  • Hypermuscle (med school lesson online): A multimedia interactive HTML document to help medical students learn the muscle actions of the human body.

  • Martindale Health Science Guide: A "Health Science Multimedia Education and Specialized Information Resource Center."

  • The Medical Reporter: The Medical Reporter is a monthly educational health magazine on the Web for enlightened healthcare consumers.

  • Medicine On Line: A health information service published by UltiTech, Inc.

  • MedicineNet - GRRRREAT site for finding medical and pharmacy terms plus explanation of diseases

  • Medscape: Lots and lots of great information on diseases...great medical site

  • Molecular Virology at the University of Wisconsin: Virology-related News and Journal Articles; Computer visualizations of viruses; Topographical maps of viruses.

  • The Mountain: Links to extensive lists of resources on cardiology, biomedical engineering, anesthesiology, and other medical resources.

  • Mr. Diaz' Health Web: Numerous resources about the many interesting topics in health education.

  • NetVet Veterinary Resources Home Page: Dr. Ken Boschert's veterinary and animals resources available on the Internet.

  • Neuroscience for Kids: A page for elementary and secondary school students and teachers who would like to learn more about the nervous system - activities and experiments to learn more about the brain and spinal cord.

  • Reference Guide for Vitamins

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer Health and Science Magazine: This is part of the Franklin Institute Science Museum's Web site.

  • Women's Medical Health Page: A source of information on current medical issues and recent publications that have an impact on women's health.

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