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Fun Stuff

  • 3D Maps: view through red/blue 3-D glasses (a fun site)
  • ABC Spelling and Math Games Spelling game, math game and quiz that lets you type in your own spelling lists and quizzes. Lovable interactive characters address children by name and provide lots of encouragement and support. Make homework FUN!
  • Academy of Achievement: brings you face to face with the extraordinary individuals who have shaped the twentieth century.
  • Animal Network: Lots of information about the animal kingdom.
  • Awesome Stories: Using the great stories of history and popular culture as a springboard, Awesome Stories  interactively allows people to examine the actual documents, pictures, graphics and other primary resources that are the backbone of the story. It helps them make up their own minds about what really occurred and turns learning into a fun and entertaining process.
  • Bureau of Labor: A fun site with job ideas for kids who like, Math, Music, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Outdoors and P.E.
  • Cyn Lyn's Place:  Cyn Lyn's Place is the Family fun zone, something for the whole family! See their snow man cam in Alaska. Search favorite Christian sites and links. Find lots of homeschooling and homework resources with fun safe places for the kids! Links to the best genealogy research! News! and More!
  • Gamequarium:  a portal for free, online learning games.  The underwater theme encourages kids to return for more learning fun.   There are currently more than 30 categories with links to more than 900 online games and activities.
  • Junior Achievement Junior Achievement is passionate people inspiring kids to learn the economics of life through free enterprise education.
  • Kids Web: A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids.

  • Kids' Space: A safe place for kids to surf.

  • KidsCom: An Educational and Entertaining Electronic Playground for Kids Ages 4 to 15.
  • Marcel's WebMind: This is the Web version of the old, ever popular family MasterMind game.

  • Moose Crossing: A place where kids 13 and under can come to meet other kids from around the world.

  • Peg Game: Play the computer over the internet!
  • Theodore Tugboat: Online Activity Centre for Theodore Tugboat, the friendliest tugboat in the world!

  • Thinking Things: From Snaith is an English Primary School's website. Share their resources on Aztecs, Vikings, Water, Castles, Time Lines, Paris Dominica and India. You can even write magnetic poetry and get your fridge mended!

  • Toddle Toons is a collection of twelve online educational games designed for babies and toddlers.  The games allow young children to build language skills and to learn concepts such as cause and effect, big and little, up and down, happy and sad, colors and shapes, body parts, and more.

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