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College Prep

  • 500 SAT Words - an illustrated vocabulary book for SAT preparation.

  • AESmentor -  free tools for the college-bound student.
  • Campus Champs - free information for the college-bound
  • Collegiate Choice: Collegiate Choice Walking Tours are simple, non-promotional videos of actual student guided campus tours.
  • The College Board: brings together all the information and tools that students and parents need to plan for the transition from high school to college.
  • College Preparation Services - helps students increase their SAT scores and matches them with the right institution. Also helps foreign students increase their TOEFL scores.

  • College PowerPrep - online preparation for the SAT, college guidance, financial aid info, and other student resources. 

  • College Scholarships: Visitors will find links to ten FREE online scholarship searches, college admissions and financial aid office email addresses and toll free numbers, links to college websites and online applications (by state), a free college admissions and scholarships email newsletter, and a
    list of the web's best college and scholarships websites.  


  • Get Recruited: offers students a chance to be
    recruited by, and perhaps be offered scholarships to attend, colleges, universities and graduate schools throughout the United States. This service is absolutely free.  

  • Going to College...Without the Stress a college guidance book that is ideal for homeschooled children. The book has three sections: Essays on the college process, a month-by-month guide for high school JUNIORS including a check list of to do items by the month and for the entire junior year, and  month-by-month guide for high school SENIORS including a check list of to do items by the month and for the entire senior year.

  • Guaranteed Scholarships: a list of scholarships guaranteed by individual colleges to ALL admitted students meeting the criteria listed. 
  • Online Universities: A comprehensive directory of all major U.S. universities and colleges. Includes information about history, academics, unique programs, student life, student statistics, admissions, athletics, and the local community for each school.
  • Prep Doctor - on-line preparation for standardized admission tests for prep school, college, graduate school and law school. Prep for tests including SAT, GRE, GMAT and LSAT.

  • Stanford Testing Systems, Inc. - complete, free SAT preparation course via the Internet.

  • TurboGrad: Prepare for college and grad school with sample tests, test-prep courses
    (SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT), college search, financial aid and

  • The College Board - Loads of services including the new Online Essay Evaluation Service.

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