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Diagnostic Testing - Diagnostic testing in Math, English, Science and Social Studies allows specific diagnosis to meet the academic needs of the student. This diagnostic testing allows parents to develop an individualized curriculum plan in collaboration with one of our academic counselors. The student can then be placed at his performance level for ultimate scholastic success.

Complete Curriculum and Support - Included with the tuition is one full school year of curriculum in five subject areas (Math, English, Word Building, Science, and Social Studies). Many elective and enrichment courses are also available in a wide variety of subject matter. Trained, experienced academic counselors are available for academic and procedural advisement.

Progress Reports and Record Keeping - For each student, the parent will receive a Master Record Sheet and Student Progress Report Card. The Master Record Sheet is a multi-part form used for maintaining and reporting all successfully completed PACE scores. Test scores are recorded by the parent on the Master Record Sheet and transferred to the Student Progress Report Card quarterly. At the end of each semester, copies of the Master Record Sheet are sent to I-HERC Academy and become part of the student's Permanent Academic Record.

Achievement Testing - The California Achievement Test (CAT) is a nationally administered achievement test and is available upon request for an additional fee at the end of each school year. Please submit your request by February 10th of current school year.

Student Enrichment and Competition - Each spring, in conjunction with School of Tomorrow, students enrolled in I-HERC Academy have the opportunity to compete at the School of Tomorrow Regional and International Student Conventions. Students may enter any of 140 categories in five different competition divisions--academics, platform, music, arts and crafts, and athletics. Publication of dates and locations for these student conventions are announced early in each school year.

Parent In-service Training - Instructional materials in PACE form are available for parents to complete at home. A certificate of recognition will be awarded upon successful completion of these training PACEs. For a minimal materials fee, home school parents may also attend an area School of Tomorrow Biblical Educators' Convention held each fall at over 35 different locations in the U.S.A..

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