Valley Bible Word of Faith Church School

The Christian Non-Traditional Learning Center

Almost a decade ago, Valley Bible Church School was established to meet the educational and spiritual needs of the individuals in our community. Our facility is deigned to accommodate preschool, elementary and secondary programs as well as college level and vocational courses. Our conference center provides seminar, tutorial and job training workshops for both cultural and religious purposes. We find joy in teaching and shaping attitudes and character using Bible centered curriculum. Our programs seek to honor the Lord Jesus Christ as we strive to see all of life from God's prospective.

We believe that the answer to self-help is in becoming self-contained in the family and community as we grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Identifying, developing and using what Father God has given to us both individually and collectively. Then as we come together in the unity of the gospel we are enabled to fulfill His plan and purpose for our lives. Jesus came "that we might have life and that they may have life more abundantly." John 10:10

We are persuaded that the need for educational services is so great and demanding that it cannot be accomplished or satisfied by tax supported institutions only. Therefore, we have embraced and developed a nontraditional life long learning program of education to enhance both high school and college level learning.

We provide a flexible quality educational system that recognizes the need for an extended campus concept and external degree program. Beginning with K through 12 and the advanced placement and college level examination programs, students can potentially achieve Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees.

No matter how long you have been in or out of school, let us help you to realize your desire for formal education, Biblical and or academic. Let us show you how you can start your studies with us at Valley Bible Word of Faith Church School, the home of love, knowledge and wisdom from above . . .

Ministering to the total person, in the total community.

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Valley Bible Word of Faith Church School

427 Pine Street

Lawnside New Jersey  08045

Rev. James A. Benson, Director

(609) 547-0112