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How to start a Biblically-Based Educational Ministry.


  Acquire Information

Contact your Representative for an information package. Allow yourself time (3-6 months, if possible) to prepare for God's ministry. Biblically-based education of the next generation needs your time and commitment.



  Schedule Presentation

Schedule your Representative to call on your organization to present the program. Ask him questions about regulations in your state regarding; fire and health codes, faculty, facilities, curriculum, number of school days, number of hours per day, number of supervisors, etc.



  Visit Local Model or Quality Status School

Ask your Representative to schedule a visit to a model or Quality Status School nearest you. You will want to see how a school operates and witness for yourself the philosophies and policies of a high-tech School of Tomorrow program.



  Finalize Commitment

The leaders of your organization should seek the Lord's leading before finalizing a commitment in starting a Biblically-based educational ministry in your community. As God leads, sign and return the application with your setup fee.



  Attend Administrators' Training

Confirm a training date for your Senior Pastor (Senior Administrator if non-church school) and Principal. This training will answer your questions about the HOW'S, WHAT'S, WHEN'S, and WHEREFORES. Training is a vital key to the success of your organization's educational ministry. Schedule training as soon as possible. Plan the opening of your school approximately 2-4 months after this full week of condensed crucial training. Your account number will be issued at Administrators' Training.

REMEMBER: Confirm a training reservation with the training department Your Representative can help you take care of this.

Make certain your facilities provide a Godly, professional atmosphere for your prospective students.



  Implement Procedures

Implement the procedures learned at the Administrators' Training. Call your Representative and schedule a time for your supervisors to take their one week training at a convenient regional location. Build or buy student offices, scoring stations, and computer stations. Use the Furniture Section of the Administrators' Training to construct your classroom(s).



  Finalize School Opening

One month before opening, schedule a staff meeting to finalize your check list.

  • Interview Prospective Students
  • Administer Diagnostic Tests
  • Order Curriculum




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