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Audio Bible

  • Alexander Scourby’s world acclaimed recording of the Bible. · 

  • 72 hours of audio on one CD, indexed on a verse level. Plays any verse instantly.· 

  • Continuously play the entire Bible over and over without stopping.· 

  • Save your place and continue listening later.· Text scrolls with the audio.· 

  • The complete text of the King James Bible.· Look up the definition of words instantly.

  • Much More!

Bible Search

Blue Letter Bible's mission is to facilitate in-depth study of God's Word through an on-line interactive reference library continuously updated from the teachings and commentaries of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the conservative, historical Christian faith.

Theological Dictionary 

Dictionaries are great tools. Theological dictionaries are even better. This list can help you learn what words mean and how they are used. Very helpful.  There are 316 words in the list.

Web Bible Encyclopedia

The Christian Answers WebBible Encyclopedia is a treasure trove of valuable and quickly-accessible Bible facts. / Almost 4,000 articles and definitions (and growing) / Includes fast cross-referencing links to the Bible, other definitions and answers! / Biblical people and places explained / Meanings of names / Archaic King James era words explained

Historic Church Documents

Creeds: The Apostles Creed - The Nicene Creed - The Definition of Chalcedon - The Anathemas of the Second Council of Constantinople (553 A.D.) 
Confessions: The Canons of the Council of Orange (529 A.D.) - The Canons of Dordt (1618 A.D.) - The Belgic Confession (1618 A.D.) - The 1646 Westminister Confession of Faith - The Westminister Confession of Faith (With Scripture Proofs)
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Egad Ideas - Teen Bible Study & Prayer

Bible Study & Prayer - Children's Sermons - Complete Meetings - Crafts - Fellowship / Friendship - Fundraisers - Good Things - Illustrations - Indoor Games - Miscellaneous - Missions Events - Outdoor Games - Outreach & Witnessing - Parent & Teen - Programs - Retreats - Scavenger Hunts - Worship - Youth Bibles

Teen Missions: The home page of the Christ centered teen ministry.



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